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Far Infrared Joint Braces

Far Infrared Joint BracesFar infrared joint braces provide the benefits of far infrared heat therapy to wearers, delivering natural pain relief for muscle and joint pains. Far infrared technology is incorporated into FIR joint braces by using fibers liberally infused with lead-free superfine particles made from natural ceramics and minerals. The fibers absorb far infrared radiation ambient in the surroundings.

Far infrared joint braces then emit the absorbed far infrared energy into the body, releasing the healing heat effect that increases blood circulation volume, promotes thorough detoxification, and hastens recovery from injuries. Far infrared joint braces and bands can bring natural pain relief for ailments as varied as arthritis, rheumatism, lower back pains, tennis elbow, dysmenorrheal cramps, numbness in the limbs and extremities and others. With regular detoxification, wearers of far infrared clothing will find it easier to eliminate excess body weight and achieve enduring weight loss.

Since far infrared joint braces merely absorbs ambient radiation, there is no need to charge them from an electrical source. Far infrared joint braces and bands items are perfectly washable by hand or in a machine, but they should never be bleached, dry cleaned or ironed to preserve their far infrared properties.


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