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Far Infrared Bedding

A good night’s sleep always makes one feel better. Sleep deprivation, on the other hand, is dangerous and can lead to high levels of stress and anxiety. Your driving reflexes will be slowed down, your work productivity lowered, and your personal relationships affected. Yet, Americans sleep only 6.9 hours sleep, on average, significantly less than the 7.5-8 hours recommended by sleep experts.

Far infrared bedding products — including far infrared quilt, far infrared sheets, and far infrared pillow case — are the perfect solutions for people with sleep problems.

Far infrared bedding products are produced from fibers liberally impregnated with lead-free superfine particles of natural ceramic materials. The fibers are highly efficient absorbers of far infrared radiations ambient in the surroundings throughout the day. When you sleep, the fibers emit far infrared heat deep into your body, causing the blood vessels to dilate and improve circulation, speeding up detoxification, and giving natural pain relief to muscle aches and joint pains.

Far infrared quilt are usually made entirely from the special ceramic-infused fibers. These quilts can serve as a form of far infrared heat therapy when wrapped around particular target areas to provide localized heat and improve circulation. The far infrared quilt is perfect for those with muscle pains, fatigue and other ailments.

Far infrared sheets (in twin or queen size) provide the far infrared heat stimulation that promotes thorough detoxification of all cellular wastes. The steady heat therapy from the sheets liquefies fat cells and reduces cellulite.

The heat therapy provided by a far infrared pillow case helps improve circulation and deliver more oxygen to the head and neck regions. This provides natural pain relief as inflammations in these areas are reduced and muscles are relaxed.

Invest wisely in various far infrared bedding products and get a deep, restful sleep every night.


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