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The fibers of TheraDesign Waist Belt are impregnated with a special bio-ceramic and jade formula that emits and reflects natural far infrared rays deep into the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of your waist.

There are many conditions that can cause back pain. Some of these…

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Far Infrared Heat Therapy

Far infrared heat therapy is an alternative way of getting natural pain relief and can provide a wide range of benefits to health. Far infrared therapy can help:

  • Strengthen the body’s immune system
  • Increase the circulation of blood deep in the tissues
  • Improve circulation of the lymph system, which accelerates the removal of accumulated toxins.
  • Facilitate the recovery from muscle sprains and other injuries
  • Decrease body aches, stiffness and swelling
  • Mitigate arthritis pain, raynaud's disease, rheumatism and tendinitis

FIR therapy is generally considered safe even for fragile patients but as with all alternative treatments, you should check with your doctor or health care consultant.

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